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Stats Tools

♦ An in-game guild chat stats bot [Authors: xAyman & Aymvn]

♦ A Discord bot for hypixel stats [Authors: xAyman & Aymvn] (Invite Bot)

♦ A Discord bridge chat [Authors: xAyman & Miqhtie]

• We are also working on new things such as a website stats tracker with sessions management etc..


If you have any questions about our guild, then you propably can find ananswer in this section. We try to update it more frequently.

NoRage is a new rising hypixel guild made in late 2021, we admire to be the best and with some hard work and your help. We will be the best. We are a newly formed guild consisting of friends and players from all around the network! We are opening our guild to all members and are looking to make new friends. We play any and all gamemodes, and accept players from all gamemodes.

We are working everyday to improving our community members experience, our future goals are building a big and known community, host huge events in our own servers and custom made minigames monthly, build a friendly environement for people with different traditions, beliefs and backgrounds. We simply welcome everyone to our NoRage.. A roadmap will be posted when the path is clear.

Currently there are no requirements to join our guild, and even in the near future when the guild is full, we will only ask members to be active or require something like 30k gexp which can be obtained in 1 day or less. For the minigames requirements. we accept all players and anyone with a potential will be accepted instantly.



NoRage Stats Bot

Invite Bot

Invite Bot

by xAyman & Aymvn